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Join the Beauty Way Collective today and dive into the world of sound healing journeys and energetic tune-ups. Put on your headphones and slide into the world of vibrational bliss or take a movement break to bring vital energy to your body and to keep yourself bright.

Life is as busy and challenging as it is beautiful. It's incredible what can happen when we give ourselves that little sip of healing nectar. Enjoy these activations anytime and change your state. Beauty, magic, & joy exist. It's simply a matter of tuning in. Are you ready to open your energetic tool kit?

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Every month you will receive a fresh sound journey in the form of a guided meditation or original healing song and movement practice to anchor the spiritual download in the body. As a member, you will also have access to a treasure trove of practices that will support you on your journey and tune you to the rhythms of the earth, and cycles of the moon. You will be part of a community where we share recipes, inspiration, and support.

Healing Vibrations

Sound is one of the most powerful healing tools we have as humans. Our bodies and the universe are in a constant state of vibration. Just as we can change a radio station and completely shift the mood, we can tune into the higher frequencies of song, sound, and prayer and completely shift our energetic state.

Movement Practices

Movement is true medicine. It shakes the blues, stress, and fear away and reminds us of our ecstatic nature. Movement is nature's anti-depressant. The body is our most precious and powerful instrument and it must be tuned if we are to play the music of our lives

Personal Ceremonies

There is a healer in all of us. You'll receive access to a video library for creating personal ceremonies to infuse your life with greater meaning. We all have the power to create sacred spaces for transformation and most of us are starving for spiritual connection. These templates are launch pads for creating more ceremony and sacredness in your life.

Collective Nourishment

All the body's layers need nourishment and love.

This is a member forum for sharing recipes, tips, and simple self-care inspiration to keep the collective vibration high.

Find Your Soul Compass

Join the Beauty Way Collective today and feel how sound journeys and heart-centered movement practices can tune you into the frequency of Beauty and Truth. You can access these practices anytime if you want to shift your state and reset the compass of your soul.

"Mer has taught me so much about healing, honoring past hurts, and setting them free. I have learned that I have a lot more power than I ever thought I had. She is such a loving advocate for me to find my best self. I am forever grateful."


Next Level Space Clearing is a step-by-step course that gives you the powerful techniques involved in clearing one's space, setting clear intentions, and doing so in the physical, spiritual, and energetic realms.

I offer this service one-on-one with clients but I want to give you a direct download of the process, so you will always know how to clear and bless any live/work space for yourself or your loved ones.

"Mer is a brilliant teacher who infuses each and every class that she leads with love. She is also a gifted shaman who, through her training and intuition, lovingly brings healing and peace to everyone that she works with."

Karen B.


Browse a library of ceremonies, movement practices, and sacred self-care rituals.

Spring Clean the Organs

Abdominal churning,  pranic pumping, and a bit of hopping to clear stagnation and get the circulatory system moving. 


Embody the Archetypes

A movement practice to introduce you to 4 archetypes of the medicine wheel that will become great allies.

Spring Thaw

A slow flow journey to melt the ice, decongest the lungs, and open to the blossoming to come.

You can purchase individual practices for $9.99 above and receive them immediately in your inbox. Or, purchase an all-access pass to a continually updating library of next-level, energetic boosting practices for $15.99.

Meet Mer Hogan

Mer Hogan is a healer and spiritual guide. She created The Beauty Way Collective as an answer to a direct call to share the gifts of her 25 years of experience in the realm of spiritual embodiment and the decade of study of the shamanic energy medicine ways of the Laika/ Q’ero healers of the high Andes region of Peru. Learn more about Mer and the in-person offerings I have at TheBeautyWay.net.

We come to realize that the universe mirrors back to us perfectly our beliefs, our intentions, our sincerity. What is the product of the map of reality you carry inside you. If you want to change your experience, you need to change the map.

- Alberto Villoldo


I want to thank my Teachers, Particularly Alberto Villoldo and Marcella Lobos for sharing these life making tools with me so that I can share them with you. I thank the linage of healers, earth and star keepers, and mesa carriers throughout time for their wisdom, power and love. Thank you, thank you, thank you- for teaching us the way of Munay ( love, respect, appreciation for all life)

I invite you to a path of Beauty through sound healing, meditation, and movement practices that keep us connected to Munay, the vibration of love.

Art by Hans Valor

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